Podcast Services

Create/host your own podcast in The Locker Room Studio

  • Share your podcast with the world! Typhoon Productions will manage your podcast set-up, including recording or live streaming in an exciting space designed specifically for your production needs, allowing your ideal and/or voice to be heard.
  • Private, public, be your own host or work with one of ours.

Host a corporate event in The Locker Room Studio

  • The Locker Room Studio is in a prime central location, downtown Toronto, allowing for easy access. Just steps from Toronto’s famous Hockey Hall of Fame and walking distance to the iconic CN Tower.
  • Corporate VIP lunches or dinners, in The Locker Room Studio. Feel like you are in the dressing room – can be branded to your team choice.
  • Book your semi-private function, any time, host a pre-game dinner in The Locker Room Studio.
    • Seats 6-8 people

Producer available with Typhoon Productions

  • Built for a new generation, Typhoon Productions is a turn-key production company, allowing for different levels of production services, including but not limited to, management, graphics, coaching, advisory, marketing, social media and distribution.
  • Clients can purchase an array of services either ‘a la carte’, or bundled into short- and long-term partnerships, such as; Do it Yourself, Mentorship and/or Full Service. Typhoon Productions will work with you one-on-one to customize your own production package.

Speaker Engagements

  • Kerry Goulet, The Host. Former European hockey player, and Host of Gouche Live Productions, Kerry is no stranger to the media and has no lack for words. He also focuses his efforts on the education and awareness of concussions and neurotrauma. Through public and keynote speaking, seminars, and guest appearances, Kerry speaks to athletes, health professionals, and the general public about safety in contact sports.
  • Paul Rosen, Special Host and Guest. One of the hottest speakers in Canada, and a rising star in motivational keynoting, Paul Rosen is now focusing on his role as the company ambassador for The National Benefit Authority. The decorated three-time Paralympian and Gold Medalist is a respected disability advocate, and the definition of a Canadian hero – so who better to motivate, educate, and inspire differently-abled individuals who turn to the NBA for help with their Canadian disability benefits

The Locker Room Studio

22 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1C4

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